His Discipline

Most of us have had at least one week when everything seemed to go wrong. The kids knocked over the apple dsiplay at the grocery store; the plumbing decided to back up; the furnace dies; the car had a flat (with the Brownie troop inside); and the stomach flu topples the entire family.
These events don’t always come in groups, but even one at a time they can be mildly irritating and sometimes downright exasperating.
Then there are  the more serious events that enter our lives-seemingly without reason. The ones that slice our very roots: perhaps a lost job or maybe a transfer to another city. Maybe there isn’t enough money to go around or it’s the extended
illness or the end of a relationship.
Do you ever wonder about the calamities that meet us head-on in everyday life? Do you ever ask as I do, “Why me Lord?” Are daily catastrophes just happenstance or is there a reason behind them?
God disciplines us for our own good, that we may share in His holiness (Hebrews 12:10). What a difference it makes in the atmosphere of our homes if we face those calamities with an attitude of joy. Not a fake, pasted on joy-but a joy that comes from knowing that he is bringing us closer to a sharing in his holiness-through discipline.
So the next time those rough winds sweep through our homes-let’s rejoice! It won’t be long until we can lift our hearts and laugh in his sunshine…in his holiness.
Author:Diane Head