August 2020 

Being In A Holding Pattern

I will always remember a trip whose plane stopped off at Atlanta’s very busy airport. What I remember about that stop was not the size of the airport or the number of people traveling, but what was going on in the air right before we landed. As our flight continued its decent and we prepared to land, the pilot came on the intercom and informed us that we would be delayed in the landing because there were so many other planes trying to land at the same time.
So, we went into a holding pattern, that is, we joined a group of planes like ours which flew around in an oval pattern somewhere near the airport. It was cloudy that day, so you couldn’t see the airport, but you could look out the window and see most of the planes flying in the pat-tern. I had never been a part of something like that before.
Well folks, that’s where we find ourselves at the writing of this article: In a holding pattern. We have faithfully made a 4-month journey through this COVID 19 pandemic. We have stayed at home in quarantine for 3 months, worshiping and doing ministry on line, and we have developed and enacted for 1 month a relaunch plan that has brought us back together for worship and Sunday School.
But we have also seen increasing numbers in persons diagnosed in our county, state, and nation. And we have put “on hold” the scheduling of anything for August. We will continue to have one service and a combined Sunday School class for now. And we will also continue to have a weekly outdoor youth gathering, a virtual service, and “Faith Chat”. But otherwise, we will wait to see how things go.
There are many times in the history of God’s people that they had to wait for God. They are called, “Laments” times between the promises of God and their fulfillment. It was a time for persons to pray and hope, but it was also a time to prepare. I wonder what we might do as we anticipate a new beginning with God? How could God be calling us as we think about doing our ministry again?
I hope we will continue to practice our faith! This is not a time to be idle, but to pray for God’s direction, to practice God’s unconditional love, and to watch for opportunities to offer Christ to others and the community in which we live.
And I trust we will be ready when God comes!
In Christ’s footsteps we walk,
Pastor Roger