August 2022

Staff Changes

Lately, I find myself feeling both joy and sadness about our recent staff changes. For 6 years, Michael,
Sharon, Francisco, Debbie, Sherrill and I have served our church together. We have been through thriving times and done lots of great ministry, but we have also been through lean times, like COVID, in which we also did some phenomenal ministry, but were faced with some real challenges, considering our circumstances. We have made this journey as people called by God and as a family and I will always
cherish my friendship with these persons.
So now that we are replacing two persons who decided to retire, I feel both joy and sadness. First, Francisco will be able to spend more time with his “other” work and his family and second, we have welcomed a new Custodian, Summer McKinney, who has gotten off to a great start and has done a great job! It was hard to say goodbye to Francisco, having known both him and his family and having been a part of their lives, but we still have a good feeling in our church about the care and cleanliness of our building, which Summer has already been doing.
This past Wednesday, we offered the Administrative Assistant job of our church to Lori McClellan, who applied and interviewed after Sharon had said that she would also like to retire. It is going to be
hard to say goodbye to Sharon, who has served this position for 37 years and been such a faithful church member at the same time. We have enjoyed many conversations and laughter with her and she has worked hard to serve you and the people of this community. We have also shared in the tough times, praying together, and making disciples for Christ for the transformation of the world. Now, Sharon can also spend more time with her family which she loves and in which she takes so much pride.
But now, we welcome Lori to this position. We feel that we have found a person who is capable and gracious to others and we are excited for her to begin soon. I truly thank Sharon for so many years of
tireless service, not just in things like book keeping and editing newsletters, but for being in ministry and loving every person who has walked into our office.
Thank you, Sharon and Francisco, for serving Christ and for making not only our lives better, but for making the life and ministry of this church better too! God bless you both in your retirement! We have much to celebrate because of you.

In Christ’s footsteps we walk,
Pastor Roger