January 2020 

Is There Life After Christmas?

This may be a question we ask of ourselves in the wake of all the holiday fes-tivities. We have done lots of shopping, prepared food, attended parties and con-certs, and even worshipped with our family of faith. We have served and made Christmas special with gifts for children and youth in need and provided food and clothing for some families in the Pryor community. It’s been a busy time and now (at the publishing of this article), it’s over. That saddens some of us, but others of us seem to be relieved, ready to get on with the next thing.
In the minds of the world, Christmas is over. But in the minds of those of us who call ourselves Christians it’s actually just begun. But it’s a beginning that is filled with change, doubt, uncertainty, and sometimes even chaos.
What am I talking about? Imagine with me, if you will, the birth of a baby. In my life, Dana and I have had 2 girls that we have raised. They are now young adults, both graduated from college. One has begun her career in the Arts Community of Tulsa and the other is teaching in Chile’ and still exploring and discovering her career. But I can still remember that first day when our oldest child Kate came home from the hospital.
Our lives were immediately changed when she was delivered from her mother’s womb. She caught her breath, got worked over under the bright lights, and was handed to me only to cry out as if to say, “Dad, what in God’s name has just happened to me?”
Thus, began one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life and today, has become 2 wonderful young women of faith living and thriving in this world. But the beginnings were not easy. Not only were their lives something they each had to get used to, it was also something Dana and I had to get used to.
And of course, blessings always followed the changes and challenges, but the point I’m making is that the birth of Christ is just the beginning. It is a call to live out the new birth of something that God brings to our life, whatever that may be. It’s a new start with God that will be filled with chal-lenges and blessings, but mostly with fulfillment from carrying out God’s call in our lives.
Is there life after Christmas? You bet there is! But it’s an adventure and it requires faith. My prayer is that we will have the faith to begin anew and see God at work in our lives and in this world.
In Christ’s footsteps we walk,
Pastor Roger