November 2021

The Promise of God


“God said to Noah, ‘This is the symbol of the covenant that I have set up between me and all creatures on earth.’” (Genesis 9:17, CEB)

Do you know what natural phenomenon God is referring to in his conversation with Noah? It is a rainbow, of course! And it is not just a covenant with human beings, but one with all living beings on the earth for eternity! “Flood waters will never again destroy all creatures!”, says God.
I don’t know about you, but while rainbows may not be my most favorite natural phenomenon, it is one of my top 5. I will never forget how it rained on my 40th birthday, and then, how the sky displayed a beautiful double-rainbow. I also remember a time following some horrendous lightning and thunder while driving back to seminary on a Sunday afternoon in March. After such a tremendous downpour, as I looked to the east where there was a break in the clouds, I saw a rainbow and I felt God had watched over me and guided me safely through the storm.
I guess for me, the beauty of God’s creation will always remind me of God’s presence, but certain things, like rainbows, help reassure me that God can guide us safely through the storms of life too! Perhaps you feel that way as well. I think it’s good that God gave us rainbows and that we can see them from time to time, reminding us of God’s goodness and love.
But there’s something I want to call to your attention about rainbows. Rainbows are set in the presence of storm clouds! They don’t just come after the storm is gone. They exist in the midst of it and toward the end of it. Anne Rasmussen, who lives in the UK, points out in an Upper Room devotional:

“God’s promises to us become more real when life’s clouds overshadow us.”

Today I am thankful for rainbows! And today, I’m thankful for the God who shows up with grace and love in the midst of the storms of life. We can carry God’s promises in our hearts and cherish them again and again. May your Thanksgiving feasts be filled with joy and laughter. And thank you God, that in the end, your promises reign supreme!

In Christ’s footsteps we walk,
Pastor Roger