September 2020 

“Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

I was just thinking about these past 5 months of being “quarantined”, so to speak, and about all the good that has come out of this time. Certainly, our congregation has learned how to use technology and social media in the church and also some ways we might continue to use those things in the ministry of the church even after the quarantine is over.
We have been challenged to keep a sense of community and to do ministry in our community. And yet, we have overcome the distancing with inspiring worship, Hymn Sings, Faith Chat, Zoom Sunday School, and socially distanced youth meetings, all of which have both reached our church and attracted new visitors. We have come back together with a socially distanced service of blended music and preaching and an integrated Sunday School with a variety of teachers.
Still, there are obstacles to overcome. One of those things is our fear and anxiety of being isolated from one another. We cannot be in one another’s presence without also being conscientious of our responsibility to prevent this disease from spreading further, so we become isolated. And feel alone.  We get focused on our troubles and question if God really cares.
When we feel lonely, there are three things we can do
  • Remember the good things that have happened during the day. Whether it’s an email, a phone call, or a friend, having a good day. God has richly blessed us in many ways.
  • Name the things you have accomplished that day, no matter how trivial, like washing dishes and bringing in the mail. Find contentment, even if it’s in the “little” things.
  • Take time to recite or read bible passages. Also, take time to pray. Be sure to praise and thank God for what God has given you. Take time to confess your sins, to pray for others, and to pray for yourself and how you can serve God and be the person God created you to be.
These three things don’t get rid of isolation, but they can make us aware of God’s pres-ence each day, help us welcome God into our lives, and enable us to be used by God to help others. I encourage you to keep practicing your faith and to keep hope in your hearts for the times we will be together again.
In Christ’s footsteps we walk,
Pastor Roger