February 2020 

No Drama, Just Faith

First of all, a very special thank you to all of you for helping the church to fin-ish up strong in financial giving for 2019. As you well know, when fall came this past year, we did not recover quickly from the “Summer drought” of attendance and of-ferings that those months usually bring. And as the fall moved into the holiday sea-son, we were very concerned about meeting our budget.
But wasn’t your heart glad when Dr. Gore told us in worship that our special December offer-ing was $58,241 and our total income for December was $78,731? This incredible and gracious offer-ing not only helped us to meet our budget, it helped us to exceeded it! And the reason was: We as God’s people have been faithful.
Notice I did not end that last sentence with an exclamation. The reason is that we have not been dramatic about what is happening in the church today. We are doing what God has asked us to do, day in and day out. And that is a faith that perseveres.
Today, I rejoice in the Lord, because in a time when churches are challenged by many things, including uncertainty about future decisions that will be made at the general church level, we are not just paying the bills, but continuing to be in ministry in many different ways both in Pryor and all around the world. We are not waiting for certain decisions to determine the vitality of our church, but continuing to serve God, and not just by our gifts, but also by our prayers, presence, and service too! And I want to commend our whole church family for that.
Secondly, we have the opportunity on February 15, not only to get a training refresher in lead-ership roles for the coming year, but to learn more about our life in ministry from someone who has thought a lot about the role of everyone in the church and how important each person is in the effec-tiveness of the church’s ministry.
I really hope you will join us that day, as we continue to learn how to discern God’s will, make Disciples, share God’s love with the broken and marginalized, and seek justice in the community and world in which we live. God is calling us as a church to continue to be in ministry and to be faithful. And it deserves our exclamation!
In Christ’s footsteps we walk,
Pastor Roger