How do I become a member of FUMC?
1. Make a Profession of faith in Jesus as your Savior from sin and the Lord of your life.
2. Be baptized; the UM Church accepts the baptism of any Christian denomination. You can be
    baptized by:
      Sprinkling: symbolizes cleansing – Ezek. 36:25
      Pouring: symbolizes outpouring of the spirit – Joel 2:28
      Immersion: symbolizes death, burial, resurrection – Rom. 6:4
3. Take the vows of the Church membership:
      Will you be loyal to the United Methodist Church and uphold it with your prayers, presence, 
      gifts, service and witness?
We accept transfer of membership from any UM Church or and Christian denomination. Those transferring from another denomination take the membership vows of the UM Church.
If you regularly attend this church and have been thinking about joining, please contact the church office at 918-825-0346, or email