First United Methodist Preschool


April 2021

I live by faith in the Son of God – Gal. 2:20b



REMINDER! Now enrolling for


2021 – 2022 PRESCHOOL YEAR!

You may pick up an enrollment form from the mailbox by the preschool entrance. Please fill out the form, mail it to me in the envelope provided. You may pay the $40 fee on the church website, click the Online Tithing button on the Home page and follow the prompts. Your child will be officially enrolled when the fee has been paid. I will send you a text to let you know your child is enrolled.

For more information please call Sherril 918-639-2726

      You may choose the days that meet your needs:

                                                 Monday- Thursday 8:40 – 2:00 extended care 2:00-4:00

  2 day session — $112 with extended care $144

  3 day session—-$168 with extended care $216

  4 day session—-$224 with extended care $288


Dates to Remember


Drop off and pick up times!!

Drop off  8:40-9:00
THE DOOR WILL BE LOCKED AT 9am, use the church west entrance if late.

Pick up- 2:00-2:15

Aftercare 2:15-4:00

Please, reserve the handicap parking

spaces for those who need them.






April 1- May 21


Please, donate children’s New and like new shoes will be accepted.  All donations will be given to the Pryor Ministry Center to be given to children in need.




Cold and Flu Season

Please help us stay healthy during this cold and flu season by following these guidelines: 

Keep your child home if….

They have a temperature.

  1. They have been diagnosed with a strep infection. They should be on antibiotics for 24 hours before they return to school.
  2. They have had diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours
  3. They have a horrible cough, chest congestion, or discolored nasal discharge.
  4. They have a sore throat and do not feel well.


Even when a child is not contagious, if they don’t feel well, it can be miserable for them to be at  school. 


April Themes
The Joy of Art
Nurture Nature
Shape – Diamond
Color – Yellow
17, 18

Theme Descriptions

The Joy of Art: Explore color, observe the styles of famous artists, visit virtual art museums, and discover other forms of art such as music and dance with your budding artists! Children will quickly learn that possibilities are endless when art is involved.
Nurture Nature: Our planet is a special place and requires our care. The children will learn
 how to protect and care for all living things by exploring the concepts of recycling, reusing, and general conservation. Embark on outdoor journeys to look for animals, plants, and insects.

Activities for Home

 • Show your child that you value her artwork. Encourage her to tell you about her artwork. Start the conversation by saying, “Tell me about your picture.” Provide art materials and see what your young artist creates at home. Place the materials in an easy-to-reach space so your child can choose to do art on her own. Display the artwork on your refrigerator or another special place at home or at work. The more time children spend creating art, the more they enjoy it!
• Make it a daily ritual to show gratitude for nature’s gifts—the sun, trees, flowers, etc. Create a special “Gratitude Day.” Find a place where you have a clear view of the rising sun. Wake your child up early to see the sunrise. Build anticipation for the first glimpse of the sun! Take a simple breakfast outdoors. Watch the sun sink below the horizon at sundown. End the day by a window and encourage your child to say good night to the moon, the stars, the animals, or a favorite tree. Express your gratitude for the lovely day!


Alphabet Practice

Practice Writing Numbers and Counting


Vv, Ww, Xx


viola, violets,
volcano, volleyball,
wallet, watermelon,
wheat, wolf,
xylophone, fox,
ox, wax

 Sign Language

Look for Books
The best way to learn which books your child enjoys is to read children’s books –lots of them!
Check out for Book Lists corresponding to each month’s themes.
Get to know your local librarians and ask for their recommendations as well:
ABCs of Art
by Sabrina Hahn
Flora and the Flamingo
by Molly Idle
Play with Clay!
by Jenny Pinkerton
Music Is…
by Brandon Stosuy
We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers
by Lauren Child
by Carme Lemniscates
My Friend Earth
by Patricia MacLachlan
A Stone Sat Still
by Brendan Wenzel


I’m an Artist
Sung to “Old MacDonald”
I see a picture in my mind.
I will now create.
It will be mine, one of a kind.
I know it will be great!
I will paint with my own hands.
And when I’m through, you’ll see it too!
I see a picture in my mind.
I will now create!
Dandelion Puff
Sung to “I’m a Little Teapot”
I’m a dandelion, tiny and small,
(Crouch down.)
Growing in the sunshine, stretching tall!
(Slowly stand up.)
My bright yellow blossom turns to fluff,
(Circle arms over head.)
Waiting for the wind to huff and puff!
(Put hands over mouth to blow.)
I’m a dandelion, tiny and small,
(Crouch down.)
Growing in the sunshine, stretching tall!
(Slowly stand up.)
All my little seeds will float away,
(Dance fingers around face.)
Riding on the wind this bright sunny day!
(Move about with outstretched arms.)
(Find these songs at
Cooking Together
When cooking with young children, allow them to help in a safe way with mixing, pouring, rolling, mashing, shaking, etc. Use words to describe what you are doing and what you plan to do next. Talk about what you see, smell, feel, hear, and taste.
Color Swirl Cookies
vanilla wafer cookies
vanilla frosting or softened cream
red, yellow, and blue food coloring
Divide the frosting into three
containers. Make each batch of
frosting one of the primary colors.
Place a plastic spoon into each one.
Invite your child to take two vanilla
wafers and to choose two of the colors
of frosting. Spread one color on one
wafer, and the other color on the
second wafer.
Have her gently rub the wafers together. What color was created?
Talk about what happened.

He is Risen!

Chapel Time
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
The children go to the church Sanctuary at 9:30 for a
They sing Bible songs, hear a Bible story and learn a Bible scripture.



“Miraculous Catch of Fish”