First United Methodist Preschool


November 2019

Dates to Remember  



November 7 -Ms. Tammy’s class will be singing for  the  Movers  at 12:30 in the gym  

November 21 – Pizza Feast @ 11:30 Church gym

Please, sign up  in your child’s classroom if you plan on eating lunch with us.


November 25-29 Thanksgiving  Break NO Preschool
Please reserve the handicapped parking spaces for those that need



The door opens at 8:45, class begins at 9:00 . The door will be locked at 9:15 You must have your child picked up by 4:00.  

Please NO lunch bags or boxes 

ONLY paper sacks for your child’s lunch.


If your child has had a fever or other symptoms of illness within the last 24 hours,

DO NOT bring them to school

until the child is symptom free. (without any medications )  


Starting November 1 we will be collecting peanut butter and or jelly to give to the  children of Mayes County. We will give all items collected to the Pryor Ministry Center to distribute to needy families.

Our goal this year is 50 items.

November Themes
Once Upon a Time
Cooling Off
Shape – Square
Colors – Brown
7, 8

Theme Descriptions

Once Upon a Time: Enter a fairy tale land of castles, dragons, kings, and princesses. The
children will read classic fairy tales and be encouraged to use their imaginations for some
creative make-believe play!
Cooling Off: Snuggle in for a fun theme covering hibernation, migration, and plenty of
late fall learning activities. The children will learn how people and animals prepare for and survive the winter in cold and snowy climates. They will learn to be thankful for warm family gatherings and cozy surroundings as the cold sets in!
Activities for Home
Take a break from cooking! Invite your child to help you prepare the ingredients for “Sandwiches Fit for Royalty!” Set out a variety of sandwich toppings, breads, and condiments
(see list on opposite side for ideas). Let everyone create their own sandwich. Use your extra free time to sit down and read one of the books from the Book List to your child.
• Visit with your child about what you are thankful for. To foster thankfulness in your child, ask her what makes her happy,
teach her to say “thank you” in appropriate situations, read books about thankfulness, and model gratitude in your words
and actions. Be patient! Thankfulness is a virtue that requires practice throughout the year.
• Provide an opportunity for your child to observe wildlife throughout the winter months. Set up a bird feeder or squirrel
feeder in your yard. Position it where your child can easily view it. Keep the feeder filled throughout the winter because animals will come to rely on you as their food source.


Gg, Hh, Ii



garden, gate,
goldfish, guitar,
hand, harp,
hen, hive,
iguana, inchworm,
insects, iris

 Sign Language

Look for Books
The best way to learn which books your child enjoys is to read children’s books –lots of them!
Check out for Book Lists corresponding to each month’s themes. Get to know your local librarians and ask for their recommendations as well:
There’s a Dragon in Your Book by Tom Fletcher
In the Castle by Anna Milbourne
Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima
Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah
The Flight of the Snow Geese
by Deborah King
Froggy Gets Dressed/Froggy se viste
by Jonathan London
Bear and Squirrel Are Friends…Yes, Really!
by Deb Pilutti
Feeling Thankful by Shelley Rotner  




Dragons Skipping
Sung to “The Mulberry Bush”
Dragons go (skipping) ‘round their cave,
‘Round their cave, ‘round their cave.
Dragons go (skipping) ‘round their cave,
On this sunny morning.
Repeat with: hopping, dancing

Winter Animals
Sung to “Clementine”
Little geese, little geese,
Can you feel it getting cold?
Flap your wings and start your journey,
Find a warm place to call home!
Fluffy fox, fluffy fox,
Can you feel it getting cold?
Grow your fur to keep you warm,
Find a den to call your home!
Great big bear, great big bear,
Can you feel it getting cold?
Snuggle up tight for winter,
Find a cave to keep you warm!
All the animals, all the animals,
They can feel it getting cold.
They prepare and gather food,
They find a place to call a home
(Find these songs at
Cooking Together
When cooking with young children, allow them to help in a safe way with mixing, pouring, rolling, mashing, shaking, etc. Use words to describe what you are doing and what you plan to do next. Talk about what you see, smell, feel, hear, and taste.
Sandwiches Fit for Royalty

Breads: white, wheat, rye, tortillas, pita,
sourdough, twelve-grain, croissants,
French rolls

Sandwich Toppings: luncheon meat,
cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, alfalfa sprouts, peanut butter, jelly, tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad

salad dressing,
butter, mustard,
pickles, relish,
Chapel Time
Starts September 4th
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
The children go to the church Sanctuary at 9:30 for a FAITH LESSON.
They sing Bible songs, hear a Bible story and learn a Bible scripture.
Give Thanks to the Lord. Psalm 118:1a
Jesus Feeds 5000


 2-day session – $1,200 per school year or $112 per month 
 with extended care $1440 per school year or $144  per month
 3-day session – $1,680 per school year or $168 per month
 with extended care $2,160 per school year or $216  per month
 4-day session – $2,240 per school year or $224 per month
 with extended care $2,880 per school year or $288  per month

 There is a $40 Enrollment fee which includes a school T-shirt.