The United Methodist Men meet on the 1st Saturday of every month with the exception of June and July for a good old fashion “Okie breakfast” and fellowship.

          The Pryor Methodist Men support all the special promotions that we have in our church.  One of our special promotions is to recognize the women of our church with our annual Valentine’s Luncheon.  As we have begun the New Year, we are assessing our financial situation and deciding what projects we will be involved in for 2015.

          Our biggest and only fund raiser is our annual garage sale in October.  The monies we make go to projects in the Pryor community.

          This year the men of the Pryor United Methodist Men gave most of their monies from our last year’s fund raiser to our church.  We voted to make our main mission the completion of a new ceiling in the fellowship hall.  Most of the men in our Volunteers in Mission teams are composed of men from the UMM.  This year the men have worked tirelessly on painting, replacing ceiling tiles, replacing kitchen cabinets, refinishing kitchen cabinets, cutting and replacing tiles, cleaning gutters, patching the roof and many other projects.  Last fall, the men decided to completely redo the youth building that we in need of repair.  Now we have a beautiful facility for our youth.  We are blessed in our UMM’s group to have men that can build whatever needs to be build or rebuild.  We take special pride in building handicap ramps for those in need in our community.  We also support the “Pride of Pryor”, the Pryor High School Marching Band at their annual Band Day, by providing one of the largest trophies given out to a winning band.

          We support the Cookson Hills Mission with a financial gift and workmen whenever needed.  On Open House Day at the Boys ranch, Gary Clower on of our men encourages the church to get involved in making gift baskets to be auctioned off.  The Men of the Pryor First United Methodist Church are proud to be the sponsor of Boy Scout Troop #83 that has been chartered with our church for over 100 years.  Along with the Boy Scouts, we sponsor the Cub Scouts and the Girl Scouts.  You will find the men of the UMM working every week at our Ministry Center, (Local Food Pantry). They drive to Tulsa in their trucks to the Green Country Food Bank and pick up food and stock the pantry shelves.

          When good things are happening in Pryor, you will find the United Methodist Men doing God’s work.